Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Five from RevGals

Playing the Friday Five was how I originally began to blog years ago.  Here's today's version:

Friday Five - The A-ha Moments

This past holiday season is not one I will soon forget, but not for the reason some may think. Certainly, it was a busy one for those involved in the life of the church. The 1-2 punch of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day on a Sunday brought more than a few of us to our knees (or hopefully to a more comfortable napping position).

In the midst of the holiday season I had one of those moments where a path suddenly was made clear - A-ha! This experience has prompted me to wonder what some of your A-ha moments may be.

They can be mundane - a realization that you like/don't like a certain food or that you really look good in that color you never had the guts to try. They can be sacred - a way to better pace your day clicks into place or finally a devotion or meditation practice that really works for you. They can be profound - the moment you realized he/she was the one (or wasn't)or the moment you realized where your deepest passion could meet the world's greatest need.

Please tell us - what are five (more or less) of your 'A-ha' moments. Where have you had a moment of clarity?

  1. When the boys were still preschool age, I had an epiphany that still holds true:  I need to be completely ready for my day before I wake them.  It seems so simple in retrospect, but I constantly push back against it.  I want to be able to blow dry my hair while they get dressed... and sometimes I can do it without repercussions, but our mornings are always smoothest and most peaceful when I am able to be attentive and present to them (even thought they are now teens).
  2. Most jobs are never completely finished.  I tend to want to do something once and put it away forever.  I am learning that just about everything needs to be revisited cyclically. 
  3. Sleep is a wise investment for me.  I tend to be a night owl.  At times in my life, I had to be (seminary, anyone?) - but I fall into night-owlish behavior also when I am being undisciplined.  I am healthier in body, mind and soul when I get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.
  4. Another discipline for me is sermon-writing.  I can write a sermon off the cuff , but I feel better about the sermons I offer when I take the time to work through an outline given by my homiletics professor.  I am able to delve deeper and make more meaning when I go through the process itself.  I am now working Fridays and taking Mondays off, so I am hoping to have sermons written by the time I leave the church on Fridays...I'll see how that goes. 
  5. I feel much better when I ask the question that I am afraid to ask - does that make sense?  As I get older, I recognize the feeling of a burning question that will fester if I leave it unasked.  Then I have to figure out who and where to ask it, but I have to combat a real fear of looking ignorant or incompetent. 
My first Friday Five on this blog!!  Done.  but not finished...


  1. I have to MAKE myself ask questions like you mention in 5. Such a lot of fear of speaking up. When I do, I'm amazed that I have important stuff to contribute. :)

  2. Your #5 makes perfect sense! Keep on and be bold! I'm saying that to you and to me and to anyone who needs a boost to ask what needs to be asked when you know that it does.

  3. #2 is something I struggle with. Thanks for naming it.

  4. amen and amen about #5, and about sleep too!

  5. Your #1 speaks to my life right now, and there aren't any kids in the picture! I long to linger in the morning with coffee in my pjs and then race to get dressed, make lunch and head out the door to work. I KNOW that assembling lunch and choosing clothes the night before is the Wise Thing to Do, and yet... Too often I must be dragged to the discipline of new habits.

  6. #2 is SO ME! At least I can laugh at myself about it... sometimes.

    I am also a Monday off girl with the hopes of finishing on Friday. If I am only polishing on Saturday it has been a good week (ps - this is not one of those good weeks).

    Thank you so much for playing!


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