Monday, February 13, 2012

Good Morning Y'all!!

Welcome to the new named blog!  I will be moving my links over this week.

This blog will be used to post sermons, ask questions, and become a resource page for me in my jobs.  On the parish level, I am a Parochial Associate.  There is no curacy program in the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth.  There are lots of questions that I have and I wish I could discuss with colleagues.  On the diocesan level, as far as I can discern, there is no one doing the same work I am doing in the re-organizing dioceses. If you know of someone, please send them my contact info!!  I would love to find someone see doing the Reconciliation work also - we are three years post-break and starting to really form plans now.  It is a process that must be worked and there is a lot of grief work involved.

I will still be writing on the anonymous blog as well - if you don't know it and want to, please email me - my only goal with it was that I didn't want a Google search to link me directly to it, but most of the readers there know me.

My email is a google email with the same name on the blog without the spaces.

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