Friday, August 3, 2012

RevGalBlogPals Friday Five: Smarter Not Harder Edition

KZJ Posted:
I returned to the office today after over a week of vacation. I'm not the best at re-entry, but I do find myself with a renewed interest in being a bit more stream-lined in the way I approach things. 

I'm also open to ideas.

What are 5 things you do or things you have bought that have made your life simpler/easier to manage?
  1. After an incident about this time last year, I decided to simplify my electronics.  I decided to go  Apple, so I bought a laptop, iPad and iPhone last October.  I work from two office spaces - one at the parish and one at the diocese, so I need portable access to all my files all the time.  It has not solved all my problems, but it has helped tremendously.  Also, discovering Boingo for my iPad has been a game-changer (I didn't subscribe to a data plan for it).
  2. I also now keep a file crate in the back of my car for ongoing projects.  The two jobs overlap constantly, so having access to the physical files no matter where I am is essential and saves a lot of time.  This sounds like a no-brainer now, it's sad how long it took  me to figure it out.
  3. I bought several different colored mesh zipper envelopes to keep on-going projects in.  I have diocesan youth projects in one color, diocesan SafeGuarding in another, etc.  They live in my trunk in the file crate.  
  4. I switched my day off from Friday to Monday.  When my day off was Friday, I ended up either finishing up stuff from the week, or feeling guilty for not doing so.  Now that my day off is Monday, I have a much easier time honoring and taking it.  
  5. I have been mildly successful at writing my sermons on Fridays.  The summer has been odd with trips but before that I was getting better about having it done.  This frees up Saturday morning for family time.
  6. Adding one more: Google calendar.  The church and the diocese both use it, so I love the "add this to my calendar" option for the things I need to attend.  Also, David and I both have access to it all the time in its most updated form on our phones.  I print out a copy for the kitchen counter also.


  1. Fabulous ideas. I have started using google far so good. I am going to google Boingo.

  2. Google calendar - YES! You know... when I remember to put stuff on it because sadly I do so love my paper calendar. Also the day off switch was HUGE for me. On Monday I can still be under the delusion that I will get it all done.

    Checking out Boingo. Thanks for playing!

  3. I have never become adept at google-calendar, but I do love that my calendar on my iPhone and IPad synch up automatically. And, yes - Monday is my day off for the exact same reason. I breath a huge sigh on Sunday afternoons and lean deeply into some rest.

  4. (from another Apple Addict) great ideas! thanks for playing!

  5. I bet you never have a blue Monday!

  6. I also made the switch from Friday to Monday and, except for Consistory nights once a month, that was a good move. Also love Apple and have the laptop and the phone and hoping to complete the set with the IPad.

    And, as someone who often wishes that what is *there* was *here*, I love the car crate idea.

  7. I have all the apples, but my computers are so old, there are things they can't do. Like sync to the cloud.


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