Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wed Fest: Headers of RGBP

This is my favorite photo of the headers on the RevGalBlogPal site.  There were soooo many contenders!  I loved the three backs of heads on the back patio of one of the BE events, all of the beloved faces listening to Carol Howard Merritt, Mary Thorpe blessing a pet, and the one of Liz dressed as an elf (I really want to know the back story to that one!).  This one wins for me though.

Why?  I have met Wil in person a couple of times, and I love reading her blog, fb posts and tweets.  That's not it though.  What I really love about this photo is her sense of presence in that space.  She is THERE - fully - a real pastoral and authoritative presence.  I aspire to this sort of presence on my best days - some days I can do it, other days, *ahem.*  This is a beautiful picture on many different levels, most of all because of Wil being Wil - Dr. Gafney, to us mere mortals.  She is awesome.

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