Monday, November 9, 2015

A Tale of Three Widows

All trying to survive

All forced to live an invisible life

Two have banded together to figure out a way through: one uses life wisdom, one uses her wiles
One has given it all in $$

All trust in God’s favor – all believe that God is steadfast

All trust in a system. All are caught in patriarchal (work of the devil? Collect) society that can either care for them or discard them

Ruth and Naomi seem to end well in Jesus, but the unnamed widow’s ending is unknown – even though Jesus noticed.

Ending of the Temple in 70 yrs – the sanctuary made by human hands

The scribes who pillage the houses of widows
The apostles who go out and will carry forward Jesus’ work

Stagnant church
Church on the move

Always stays the same & comfortable
Trying something new & unknown

Always the same worries and troubles
Transformed by the love of Jesus

Closing ranks
Holding space

Museum for saints
Hospital for sinners

Serious rules
Serious fun

All of these are too black and white –
Sometimes need to look inward and care for own widows and orphans
Sometimes we need to hunker down for comfort and weather storms
Sometimes we are called out to minister to Others = Foreigners
Sometimes God calls us out of our buildings and into new spaces
Seasonal, Cyclical

Tales of the widows remain in our lore – Jesus’ genealogy, Jesus pointing out the Widow.

He watched her – what do we see?

What is ours to learn from the Three Widows?
Use of Wisdom and rhythms of life
Use of wiles and strengths
Throw all we have into the mix and see what God does with it

I am very curious about what God is up to these days in Wichita Falls. God has been steadfast and has blessed us over and over and over again. God will remain steadfast and continue to bless us as we struggle and discern who and how we are to be the Episcopal Church in Wichita Falls.

This is frequently how my preaching notes look. There is audio on the right sidebar PodBean Player.

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